A Few of the Many Testimonials to a Top Professional, Motivational Speaker

John Bell's ability to design and deliver an entertaining talk, or motivating conference speech to the differing needs of an audience is evident from what his many clients and their delegates say:

"It was a brilliant delivery to close our conference and you sent us home on a real high.

Your presentation had a sense of 'realism' in that we could all associate with the anecdotes in the presentation. Yet they made us think deeply and questioned our own methodology when dealing with people."

Ian Coulson of East Cheshire Association of Headteachers Executive


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your excellent presentation today. The evaluations are really positive and reflect on how enjoyable and thought-provoking all delegates found it.

I hope you had a good return journey to Cambridge and I hope to work with you again in the future. I will definitely be recommending you to headteacher colleagues.

Thanks again so much, I am extremely appreciative of how successfully you concluded our 2-day conference. Delegates left noticeably less stressed than when they arrived yesterday morning!"

Joanne Jones, Liverpool Deputies

"Your presentation was Continuing Professional Development delivered in a way we have not experienced before.

To say it was received enthusiastically would be an understatement and grossly unfair to you.

The evaluation returns showed that every person present valued your input.

(we do a scoring on a 1 - 5 scale with 1 being the highest, Your score was 1.3, absolutely excellent).

Some of the comments made were:


'Wonderful - so pleased I was there'

'Excellent in all respects'

'Brilliant speaker - I felt inspired and motivated'


Thank you once again. Your presentation helped make the conference the success it was."

Mike Cullinane, Deputy Director, Education Commission (Southwark)

"I've just received the summary collated from the evaluation forms for the Cheshire East Primary Deputy Heads Conference. The following are comments added to the form regarding your presentation. Thought you'd enjoy reading them.

Fantastic! - Funny and informative. Very motivational too. I thoroughly enjoyed this speaker.

Very interesting - would like to have seen him hypnotise someone. Super! Very engaging - Thank you!

An enjoyable talk which he made very entertaining. It made one think about how I approach members of staff in the school I work in.

Fun and relevant. I really enjoyed it.

Very motivational.

Really got me thinking about little tweaks that will make a big difference in my school.

Great start to the conference!

It was interesting to hear from someone not directly linked to education.

Good choice of speaker for the conference! I shall remember H.A.B.I.T.

Entertaining and thought provoking - good ideas to frame thinking.

Very entertaining.

Excellent presentation with reminder/instructions on a variety of issues as a senior manager in school.

John's presentation was very funny, informative and motivational. A wonderful start to the conference.


Entertaining - A good opening speech/presentation for conference. Enjoyed his style of presentation and "H.A.B.I.T" to reinforce key points. Will take away and use! (Could do any part of conference!).

Very entertaining and a good start to the conference.

Lovely start! Good speaker.

Very engaging presentation, not necessarily linked to education but a super start to the conference.

Brilliant, inspirational, humorous - certainly made you think!

Good fun and relevant.

Those parts that were not relevant added humour.

Very inspirational - enjoyable. Good strategies for developing performance.

Superb speaker very inspiring - great leadership ideas.

Enjoyable presentation. Interesting concepts to take away.

Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and thought that it was really uplifting and thought provoking. Ideas given that I can use.

Fantastic! - loved every minute of listening to John and came away with lots of ideas.

A huge thank you."

Bessa Cadar, Cheshire East Primary Deputy Heads.

"John Bell stepped in at short notice to present a keynote speech at the end of our primary headteacher conference. Headteachers are not always the easiest of audiences, but all enjoyed John's enthusiastic presentation which effectively blended information with humour whilst challenging us to reflect on the impact of our own behaviour in school. John provided a thought provoking and entertaining end to the conference; as a result all the delegates left in a very positive frame of mind"

Steve Crumpler, Chair Dorset PHA

"Thank you so much for your talk last week. Staff from all areas of the school found it inspiring and fun to listen to. Many wished you could have stayed lomger. one said she could have listened to you all evening and this was, as you noted after a long day"

Steph Clancy, Hollywater School, Mill Chase Road,Bordon

"Thanks for your excellent input at the Cheshire East headteachers' day conference recently. All those I spoke to said they left on an inspirational high with some useful thoughts and ideas plus a smile on their face.

The theme you presented 'HABITs of Success in Challenging Times' was delivered with humour yet in a thought provoking way. Colleagues are already asking for your return in the not too distant future."

Glyn Lowe, eCAPH Chair